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Denial of Reality

  In my last written post (to clarify the difference between the files, which contain only links to outside material), I mentioned denial of reality. You might wonder what this has to do with climate change and extinction. Cognitive dissonance is one of the most powerful mental issues that affects humans. Rob Mielcarski explains the evolution of how this came to be, quote: " The singular emergence of human intelligence, and its ability to write and read this paragraph, evolved in a gene controlled machine with an unusually powerful computer, that was created by an improbable simultaneous adaptation for an extended theory of mind with denial of reality, and whose complexity was enabled by the increased energy per gene provided by mitochondria, that resulted from an accidental endosymbiosis of two prokaryotes, powered by an unintuitive chemiosmotic proton pump, that originated in an alkaline hydrothermal vent, on 1 of 40 billion planets, in 1 of 100 billion galaxies, and that plane

Invasive Species

  Relationship between two natural enemies of brown marmorated stink bug pest Invasive species 'hitchhiking' on tourist and research ships threaten Antarctica's unique ecosystems Study shows most efficient ways to capture invasive lionfish Climate change, invasive species found to drive native trout declines Robots use fear to fight invasive fish Global loss of floristic uniqueness due to spread of alien plants Nonnative fish released into lakes and rivers thrive in Florida, alter ecosystem Prairies facing ecological disaster from uncontrolled spread of wild pigs Invasive ants can threaten ecosystems by damaging plants at the roots Taiwan rushes to contain sudden cane toad invasion Stemming the tide of invasive weeds with world-first herbicide capsules How we found a way to track alien marine species along South Africa's coast Surveys show horseweed is a persistent and unpredictable foe in soybean crops Invasive species are threatening Antarctica's fragile ecosystem

Energy and Resource Decline and "Renewable" Links

  Energy and Resource  Decline and  "Renewable" Links Assessing Global Long-Term EROI of Gas: A Net-Energy Perspective on the Energy Transition Philippines lifts ban on new open-pit mines The world is burning the most coal ever to keep the lights on The destructive impact of hydropower plants on jaguars and tiger habitats New report maps mining impacts of the energy transition in the Americas Why the oil industry's pivot to carbon capture and storage, while it keeps on drilling, isn't a solution We can't afford to just build greener; we must build less This Amazon dam is supposed to provide clean energy, but it's destroying livelihoods and unique species What Europe's exceptionally low winds mean for the future energy grid Mining firm, eco-activists battle over unique Chile archipelago Climate change threatens hydropower energy security in the Amazon basin Lack of power grids sealed fate for early electric cars Rooftop solar increases electricity use, rais