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The Great Simplification

I have pointed out several of Nate Hagens' videos and some of his other work in the past, and I was critical of some of his ideas last year. Since then, his videos have been increasingly impressive; especially the series of Great Simplification videos he has done. The Great Simplification - Full Movie , which just came out last week, is really great AND not too long, at less than 33 minutes! I like the fact that he doesn't go into hopium or attempt to predict an overly optimistic outcome. Perhaps he has begun to realize that things aren't really getting better and that some dark clouds have begin to appear on the horizon? I agree with him that human society doesn't HAVE to go the way of the dodo, but certain outcomes have already been baked into the set of predicaments we now face as a result of our past behavior and I don't yet see any massive change of behavior which would result in a better outcome.  One of the great qualities of this new video is how it explai

A Comment by Ernie Fidgeon

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Attention Span and The Role of Technology

One of the most incongruent messages I constantly hear about climate change is talk of "solutions" and how "we can do it" which doesn't really agree with the science much at all (see  Agency - Do We Have Free Will?  and The Grand Illusion  for details) . I've been hearing these same messages for 40 years now, and I keep asking myself that if we can do it, why haven't we?   In fact, just the other day, I saw a claim that "if we don't change direction within three years that climate change will become irreversible." I almost laughed, since climate change is ALREADY irreversible on human timescales and has been for quite some time as pointed out in my article, Denial of Reality, quote:  " Most people think that climate change can be "fixed" or reversed, but current science shows that climate change is  irreversible  on human timescales. Another article shows that this is due to  ocean heat uptake  (OHU). Another  recent study  

Invasive Species

  Poison Ivy growing prolifically on a hillside 

Our Impending Impasse and Sid Smith's New Series

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