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What is Doomism?

People enjoying the scenery at Bridal Veil Falls near Provo, Utah, on US 189

Collapse and The Exponential Function

  This is the Guard Shack at the Washoe Smelter of the Anaconda Copper Mining Company as it looks today (this picture taken in 2020). More info can be found at the Wikipedia page  and the park's page . 

The Iconic Book List

Taken at the Hagood Mill Historic Site, South Carolina When I started blogging the year before last, I never thought I would write so many articles. In fact, I started it more for the files section than for any articles, although I had written several articles over time in an effort to save myself time posting the same links over and over along with a description of what they meant. I never considered the possibility of writing more than a few articles. However, it became obvious to me that some people actually enjoyed reading my articles and even though I think that most of it is terribly depressing, I think it helps others to know that there are folks like me who understand many of the same things they do. I'm slowly going back to some of the things which woke me up a decade or more ago and eventually led to the knowledge I now have to share with others.  My journey began on Netflix, believe it or not. I am a curious guy who really enjoys documentaries, and Netflix was a newer s