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Why is Methane Such a Threat?

Dale Hollow Dam on the Obey River at Celina, Tennessee Reservoirs behind dams are responsible for large amounts of methane emissions   One might ask a similar question such as "Why is carbon dioxide such a threat?" or "Why is nitrous oxide such a threat?" or even "Why is sulfur hexafluoride such a threat?" While I'm pretty sure that everyone reading this knows that these are greenhouse gases and that they are all ramping upwards as climate change progresses, I figured I might as well disclose those facts first. My next disclosure amounts to providing some sources for info regarding the statement underneath the picture above here , and  here , and  here , and here .  I have written extensively about methane in many of my articles (to see which ones, look for the keyword "methane" on the labels for each article) simply because of the existential risks it poses and also how likely it is to become a serious threat and not just a potential one. On

What is a Derecho?

  The SkyWest KFWA Terminal at Fort Wayne International Airport after the June 13, 2022 derecho (picture courtesy of Charles Peek of The Weather Channel)

The Illusion of Control

  Dale Hollow Reservoir, Tennessee

What Qualities Do the Predicaments We Face Possess?

The view from Sunset Rock near Sparta, Tennessee