Special Notes


The Hagood Mill, Pickens, South Carolina

One special note I would like to point out about Problems, Predicaments, and Technology is that I do not update my articles off-site, so articles contained on Medium.com [https://medium.com/@emichaels01] and Substack [https://erikmichaels.substack.com/] are not updated or corrected if scientific evidence changes. I do try to keep my articles here updated when I find new evidence or scientific changes, but this is limited to my memory of what I have written. The best way to keep updated on scientific knowledge is to research databases for specifics. Even the best scientists can only keep up with a limited amount of knowledge and information. Most scientific fields nowadays are more specialized than general fields, and these fields don't always communicate well with one another. Just like glitches in computers and their networks, the left hand doesn't always know what the right hand is doing, so to speak. 

My Table of Contents page may not contain every article I have written, as some of the latest articles may not be included on it. 

I continue adding resource links to the Resource Links page regularly, especially since I have discontinued updating the Files section of my blog. 

If you think I should add something here, please comment here and let me know.


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