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The Beauty of The Darkness

Once upon a time in a faraway land lived a man who published the darkest truths about the happy clappy narratives that so many people appear to want to hear. OK, that is just sarcasm, but who can blame them honestly? Actually, I used to enjoy hearing stories about how mankind is providing all kinds of solutions to the problems which befuddle us. Of course, this was before I realized that technology is an evolutionary cul-de-sac - a big, fat dead-end .  Since then, I have embarked on a journey of sorts, to discover why so many people drink the Kool-Aid  provided by industry and those who promote it. Partly a phenomenon of denial of reality and optimism bias , most people simply cannot handle the truth. That truth is contained in a quote from William Catton Jr.'s book Overshoot : " Homo sapiens has exploited too much. Human "success" entailed enclosure of an unprecedentedly large fraction of the total environment within the expanding boundaries of proliferating man-t

Bargaining to Maintain Civilization

Happy Winter/Summer Solstice!! As anyone reading my articles often already knows, ecological overshoot is the master predicament causing many different symptom predicaments . I constantly see many people blaming emissions or greed or capitalism or governments or oil companies or fossil fuels (and on and on...) for causing climate change (or their favorite symptom predicament). Playing the blame game gets us nowhere though , and unfortunately, it is also far more complicated than that. Reducing emissions is a great idea (NOT a solution as noted below in the new paper from James Hansen), but it cannot be accomplished without reducing ecological overshoot because ecological overshoot is precisely what is CAUSING emissions. Ecological overshoot is caused by technology use , which means that it is being caused by our behavior . In order to reduce emissions, there is no other choice than to reduce technology use. This requires changing our behaviors. Most emissions historically have been p

What Exactly is Collapse?

  The (now defunct) historic Lowther Store property in Wheeler, West Virginia More info here  

The Illusion of Debate

  Hanging Rock, Madison, Indiana