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Thank you for visiting this site. To make it easier to navigate, I have made this post specifically for the purpose of explaining some of the posts and helping the reader to establish connections to how to best use the posts to enhance his or her understanding and comprehension of the material contained herein. One way to navigate this site or to find a particular article is to use the "Pages" links or "Blog Archive" or the "Labels" dropdown menus in the upper far left-hand sidebar next to my picture. There, you can find articles by month of publication and title (by clicking on a particular month) or by topic (under the "Labels" dropdown menu). Underneath the "Labels" dropdown menu is the "Blog Archive" which will also help to find specific articles.

Throughout the entire blog, I share my knowledge of problems and predicaments global society faces in the coming years. Some of these issues are things which have already happened (previous civilizational collapses, previous mass extinctions, etc.), some are things which are happening now (ecological overshoot, climate change, energy and resource decline, pollution loading, collapse, etc.), and some are things which will happen in the future. For the future items, I try (not always successfully) to avoid timelines unless it is something which we are on the cusp of already, as many of these predicaments can be very difficult to forecast particular outcomes. 

I actually never imagined I would write this much; my original intent was to find a public place outside of Facebook for the files I regularly update, make those files more easily accessible to everyone both on and off Facebook, and to make it easier to edit said files. Writing articles came as a response to explain the predicaments more fully so that people can understand them better and to appreciate all the studies, articles, and other media contained within each file which I have compiled. My original article about Problems, Predicaments, and Technology formed the name and basis for this blog, and should be read first to gain a basic comprehension of the subject material.

After reading the title article, I would suggest reading the next written article, Denial of Reality, to gain an appreciation for the human predicament of our psychology. Optimism Bias is recommended next so that our psychology and how this affects our sociological responses and behaviors can be taken into context as to what makes predicaments so difficult to deal with globally.

The next articles I would suggest reading are What is NTHE and How "near" is Near Term?What Would it Take for Humanity to Experience Radical Transformation?, and Agency - Do We Have Free Will? These three articles have many links to both other articles I have written and links to outside studies, articles, videos, and other media and these articles provide foundational information for the other articles I have written, especially with the way society deals with these issues from a collective standpoint. 

The sheer amount of information here and the manner in which it will affect global society is more than sufficient to cause a rather serious amount of grief, so one file in particular can be helpful; the Spirituality Resources file. If you feel anxious, grief-stricken, overwhelmed, depressed, or feel the necessity to try to prove these articles wrong in some way, then please go to this file. 

The rest of the written articles are mostly all based upon one or more of the above described articles and the files they are derived from, which are included below and are updated routinely with the latest scientific studies, articles, videos, and more. If you have questions or need assistance with understanding something, please don't hesitate to contact me. 



Updated January, 2022




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