The Myth of The "Energy Transition"


Today I want to tackle once again the subject of the much-hyped "energy transition" which has been thoroughly debunked from articles, books, documentaries, and presentation videos such as Planet of the Humans, Bright Green Lies (also located here), Life After Fossil Fuels, Earth and Humanity: Myth and Reality, The Hydrogen Economy Myth, Energy and Human Ambitions on a Finite Planet, The Fantasy of Electrification, What Would it Take for Humanity to Experience Radical Transformation? and Pulling Back The Curtain On The Energy Transition Tale. I have pointed out how these hilarious ideas attempt to use technology to solve the problems and predicaments that technology use has CAUSED, which most people can deduce is an impossibility. Some people have accused me of being a "technology hater" which is completely false. I'm not really much different than most people, I enjoy all the modern conveniences that technology provides and am very grateful for the many varied advancements that technology has made possible (especially medical advancements). Given this, however, I am also well aware of the overall costs technology use has exacted upon the environment which surrounds us.

Now I have yet one more piece of evidence outlining how these false narratives about an "energy transition" is simply not to be. This new report, Assessment of the Extra Capacity Required of Alternative Energy Electrical Power Systems to Completely Replace Fossil Fuels, has been made available by Professor Simon Michaux. I introduced it by including three paragraphs in the Abstract, quote: 

"Calculations reported here suggest that the total additional non-fossil fuel electrical power annual capacity to be added to the global grid will need to be around 37,670.6 TWh. If the same non-fossil fuel energy mix as that reported in 2018 is assumed, then this translates into an extra 221,594 new power plants will be needed to be constructed and commissioned.

To put this in context, the total power plant fleet in 2018 (all types including fossil fuel plants) was only 46,423 stations. This large number reflects the lower Energy Returned on Energy Invested (ERoEI) ratio of renewable power compared to current fossil fuels.

The number of individual solar panel array farms, wind turbine farms, nuclear power plants, hydroelectric plants and biowaste to energy plants to deliver this additional power requirement was also calculated. The existing non-fossil fuel electrical power generation system (9,528.7 TWh) would have to expand by additional capacity, 4 times the existing scope. Each of the modelled non-fossil fuel systems have practical limitations to expansion, for example it was proposed to develop 16,504 new hydroelectric plants of average size but of course hydroelectricity can only be sited in very specific geographic conditions, and there may not by sufficient new sites globally that would be viable."

Just those three paragraphs are sufficient enough to give the reader an idea of what would actually be required. Needless to say, this isn't going to happen. The report is VERY comprehensive and thorough and has over 300 pages of supporting sources, links, charts, and graphs in the appendix sections. 

Here is arguably the most important takeaway from this article and the science behind it included in the various articles and links: it needs to be said that the ONLY "green, clean, and renewable energy" source is entirely naturally-grown food. Electricity has never been, is not now, and will never be sustainable, period. This means that all the devices manufactured which utilize electricity are ALSO unsustainable. They do not solve any of the predicaments we face and they never will. They simply can't because they are a large part of what is causing ecological overshoot, allowing us to use far more energy (producing far more emissions, pollution, and ecological destruction) than we ever could without technology. There is no way to reduce climate change while allowing ecological overshoot to continue because ecological overshoot is what is CAUSING climate change.

Once again we see that this energy transition that we keep hearing about is nothing more than the same old fantasies, myths, and fairy tales; a Potemkin village according to John Michael Greer (albeit this is framed in a different scenario but still one steeped in colonialism). One could also say that we are collectively descending into madness, as Rob Mielcarski points out the symptoms here, quote:

  • "We talk about everything except what matters. For example, our climate has shifted a gear, and peak oil is behind us, yet there is zero discussion about food security or the need for population reduction.

  • We’ve polarized into tribes that are unable to contemplate or respect or discuss the beliefs of another tribe. We attack or ignore opponents rather than engage in respectful debate. We’ve always tended to do this, but it’s getting worse.

  • Facts are irrelevant to beliefs. When facts are unsure or complex we are unable to admit uncertainty. While common throughout history, this phenomenon is getting worse, and is now pervasive in our intellectual leaders.

  • We’re totally dependent for everything we need to survive from other countries that we now view as enemies, yet we never discuss the need for more resilience.

  • We embrace solutions that have zero probability of improving a problem. Think green new deal.

  • Our response to problems often worsens the outcome. For example, printing trillions to further inflate a bubble that when it pops will do additional damage to that which we’re trying to protect."

One can clearly see how this is unfolding and how the predicaments we face continue worsening because the framework for thinking consistently falls into looking for external solutions rather than looking inside each of us and being willing to change our behaviors collectively. Unfortunately, as I have pointed out in many different articles, we lack agency for this because we only control our OWN thoughts and actions. Of course, there will come a time when we will have no other option than to give up technology use, and this time will probably come much sooner than expected. Until then, there's no better time to start to Live Now!


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