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Newly Updated Articles and "Bright Green Lies"

As I was busy editing this blog by updating articles in each category of predicament for the new year and adding about 200 more articles, I came across an article for a book which is scheduled to be available this coming March:  Bright Green Lies . Now (this update is being added April 2, 2021) that the book is out, a fantastic review has come in, quote: " Before picking up this book, I'd already studied bright green "solutions" enough to conclude these so-called "solutions" are only worsening the ecocide of this beautiful planet and hastening the demise of the living. This book confirmed those conclusions, and more. Turns out the litany of horrors I thought I'd thoroughly uncovered about industrial civilization and the technology being pushed to "save us" from climate change were, in fact, just the tip of the iceberg. The authors of Bright Green Lies dive deep into the details of these technologies and "solutions" to expose the tru