Down To Earth


The New River Gorge at Grandview, West Virginia

Today, I have a new movie titled Down To Earth to discuss. One of my primary goals with forming this blog has to do with educating people not just about the predicaments we face as a species, but also how to reduce the collective harm these predicaments are causing and the grief which often comes with the knowledge of these predicaments.  

This film is about a family who decides to go on a journey to discover a new perspective on life not based upon many of today's cultural values surrounding consumption, jobs, and economics but more on nature, spirituality, and the true meaning of life. During this five-year journey, they meet many different indigenous tribes who they call "Earth Keepers" across six continents.

One of the many bits of wisdom comes with a quote from the father/husband, while they are exploring the rainforest:

"The kids love the rainforest. Today they caught me off guard, asking about its destruction. 'Dad, did you know that we lose 80,000 acres [of rainforest] per day, an area the size of England and that we lose more than 50,000 plant and animal species each year as well? Why Dad? Why don't people get it? Why are people spoiling it for us? Can't anyone stop this?' How can I possibly answer these questions without being a hypocrite?" 

Children sometimes tend to see things more clearly than adults. That sense of wonderment, the sense of being awestruck, is missing in adults many times because we are so busy with day-to-day schedules and not paying full attention to what is happening here and now. This is a great time to spend with some quality time with your entire family watching this and discussing the points and thoughts brought to the forefront in it. More spiritual resources on how to Live and Love Now also are located here.


  1. I had this conversation with a young dude on the ferry last night.
    He sat down with me and said "Mum tells me you study climate change, how bad do you really think it is".
    I took a deep breath and said "We are absolutely and completely fucked, you've been robbed of your future"
    He replied that's how it looks to me as well, can we talk about it more over a joint tomorrow?
    I'm waiting for him to drop in, hopefully I'll have stopped crying before he arrives.


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